Kids Paradise

World Day Against Child Labour

World Day Against Child Labour

June 13, 2020 in Syria

Children of 75% of Syrian families works.
Most of them are in Construction Workshop, and auto mechanics, Collection of garbage, factories, and cleaning.Source: UNICEF

Shorouk is 6 years old and Fatima is 10 years old who forcibly to displaced from Hama countryside, and their story tells how lives of many Syrian children are.
They live in a non-existent camp of life in the Idlib country side in Alrouj Valley. They lost their parents during the bombing of their village.
We met them by chance on the way of our field visit in the region and we told them what are you doing?
“We are searching in garbage containers and on the edges of the roads for plastic to sell and feed our family.
Children in Syria are out of their schools and homes.
We seek to return these children to their school benches. The best place for them is on the seats of studying not to be a child labour.

Help us to bring them back to their normal life.