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An Upper Artificial Limbs

An Upper Artificial Limbs

May 21, 2021 in Syria

An Upper Artificial Limbs which designed by creative experts.
During the implementation of the first phase of our project, which was implemented in the past few months that provided an upper limbs for 8 children and a woman, we received a alot of appeals to provide prosthesis for more people who need such unique assistance.
This type of prosthesis is not available for most of the people in need, especially inside Syria.
There are very big number of children, especially females, who suffer from major psychological problems and do not want to go out of their homes or tents or go to schools. They feel shame because they do not have limbs like the others.
Unofficial statistics indicate that more than 100,000 people lost their upper and lower limbs during the ongoing war in Syria.
Most of these victims are still without support.
Your giving no matter how much is small for you but it means alot for them.
By supporting us through this fundraising, you are making the lives of those in need is different.
Your support means alot for them!
You can donate directly through the following link: