Kids Paradise

Transparency and accountability

is at the core of Kids Paradise’s project philosophy

Quality Staff Selection

We conduct thorough background checks and ensure that our teams are experienced in the kind of work that they do.

Staff training and capacity building even in the hardest to reach locations we make sure that our team is well trained and can provide the best support. We provide continuing education according to the latest information and trainings available.

Rigorous Monitoring and evaluation

We DEMAND regular monitoring of projects to ensure that everything is going well. If our monitoring indicates that projects aren’t going the right direction we reassess and re-work them. We WANT success, and we REQUIRE transparency.

Engage people who are benefiting from the project in project design – Our projects are people focused and designed around THEIR needs.

Strongly encourages beneficiary feedback,

Conducts focus groups with beneficiaries

Provide a box for comments and complaints

Provide a Whatsapp number for suggestions and complaints