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KPCH idea is to provide a safe space for developing the scientific skills of thousands of Syrian refugees in Turkey and to invest in adolescents in a scientific, practical and creative manner.

We teach students how to navigate the messiness of the creative process, from inception to completion by prototyping and testing. Also to bring design, creativity, and innovation to the future’s leaders.

Description of beneficiaries: Children 14-18 of Syrian refuges including the disabilities and the national and international professionals and experts.


  • Providing a safe space for developing the scientific skills for thousands of Syrian refugees.
  • Transform emotions and ideas into reality
  • Build strong relationships with peers and supervisors and learn about other cultures.
  • Learn competitive skills with different fields of science
  • Provide a safe place and heal for teenagers
  • A place to attract experts and trainers from around the world


  • Thousands of Syrian refugees are real builders to build a brighter future for themselves, their families and their country.
  • Have a strong generation resistant to war and asylum shocks and capable of innovation.
  • Create many experiences and relationships with other cultures
  • People are able to challenge, innovate and collaborate for everything that is useful and discover multiple capabilities and possibilities
  • Improve behaviors, sense of individual potential, team spirit, self-reliance, and participation in decision-making
  • People have acquired many unique experiences and cultures through the acquisition of participating experts coming to the Center

300 Children

Syrian border in the Turkish city of Antakya – Hatay

Expected Results:

1. Syrian refugees with multi-skills

2. Syrian refugees with strong relationships with peers, and supervisors;

3. Syrian refugees have more knowledge of other cultures;

4. Syrian refugees became as real builders for future;

5. Many experts visited this center and experiences, knowledges and cultures.

What makes us a successful Creative Hub?

  • Fostering talent within our team

KPCH leaders will support their team hardly through:

  • Open dialogue helps to reduce misunderstandings and solve situations faster
  • Reinforce continual learning;
  • Foster sustainable development
  • Reinforce KPCH values
  • Make the challenges as opportunities to learn

- Designing KPCH:

KPCH is designed to meet the needs of Syrian refugees and host communities in Turkey. Also, to meet the needs of professionals and experts who would like to share their skills and cultures with others through field visits and/or online training and courses.

KPCH will support to produce people with a wide range of impacts like:

We know that our task of developing adolescents will affect the lives of the Syrians in general, so we must develop them to be real builders of a brighter future for themselves, their families and their country.

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