Kids Paradise

The continues of heat waves increasing the suffering of the displaced people in the Syrian camps in the north west of northern Syria.

September 10, 2020 in Syria


The NW regions of Syria are affected by a severe heat wave that exceeds 40° and this region is the most affected by these heat waves, especially the displaced people in camps spread in Idlib governorate.

The recent heat wave is still continuing till now has caused fainting and unconsciousness among the camp residents as a result of enragedness by the roofs that supposed to protect them.

The residents of the IDPs camps  in Idlib governorate fleeing death face another inevitable death that will rob them of their lives and the lives of their children as a result of their presence in uninhabitable agricultural lands, which made them more vulnerable at every moment due to the appearance of poisonous snakes and scorpions that threaten their safety, especially during the heat waves.

Also, people have missed preparing their main meals inside the tents because of the frequent fires that occurred inside the tents. The preparation of main meals became dispensed with, as many cases of poisoning due to food spoilage were recorded.  All of this is due to the poor

Humanitarian conditions and the lack of available resources that would limit many of these disasters experienced by civilians in northern Syria.

 Lack of basics:

 Thousands of displaced people live in camps without roofs or walls to protect them from heat waves.

 The displaced also lack electricity, which could be a simple alternative to help them run ventilation fans or cool water.

 In light of the lack of all the basic ingredients to avoid the heat wave, some displaced people resorted to almost impoverished possibilities that might relieve them of this suffering to spray tents with water, even if it was hot, and to shower with clothes or put wet towels on their heads to avoid the heat and in the best case children had the pleasure of turning barrels of water into swimming pools  To relieve them from the deadly summer heat.