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Support Resilience through Humanitarian Assistance and Income Generating Livelihood in North-West Syria

November 4, 2019 in Syria

12 months (June 07th, 2019 to June 07th, 2020)

  • 825 Tons of wheat crop will be purchased from local farmers whom harvested their crop in June to support their wheat production and their income, hence support their resilience.
 From the purchased wheat crops, 125 tons of wheat will be cleaned, sterilizes and packed to be distributed to 1000 vulnerable farmers including families headed by women and/or disabled along with agricultural baskets contain: pesticides, herbicide, fertilizer, and rodenticide. The agricultural baskets will be distributed at 18 affected villages at Al Rouj Valley in Idleb district (rain fed and irrigated villages)

The technical engineers team will conduct capacity building training and give advice on improved production and good farming practice in cereal production such as (soil management, plant protection, fertilization with special focus on organic fertilizers that can be produced using local resources, weeding, control of wheat rust, use of crop residues, post-harvest handling, as well as storage and marketing practices) many times during the growing season at 18 different villages. The training helps farmers produce their maximum capacity of harvest by minimizing their losses, in addition to reinforcing a skill set which extends well beyond one agricultural season to ensure high wheat production and

yield. Those farmers will be supported regarding their income, and strategic wheat crops will be available for people in the next year which will be reflected on resilience of local economy to have more sustainable assistance.

  • The second quantity 700 tons of wheat seeds will be sent to mills to produce the flour that will be baked to distribute to about 5000 affected and vulnerable IDP families in camps in Idlib province for up to 6 months including families headed by women and/or disabled.
  • The Implementing partner INSAN CHARITY (IC) will be responsible for implementing activities aimed to improve food security for IDP’s in camps of Idlib by storing, baking the flour, and distributing the fresh Syrian bread.



  • Improve the food security status of assessed food insecure people through

humanitarian life-saving and life sustaining food assistance

  • Support self-reliance of affected households by protecting and building productive.

assets and restoring or creating income generating opportunities to save and sustain lives

  • Improve communities’ capacity to sustain households’ livelihoods by improving linkages with value chain through the rehabilitation/ building of productive infrastructure as well as supporting services, early warning and DRR systems.


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