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     People in Syria are displaced every hour from under fire

  • From 1 December 2019 to 1 January 2020, almost 300,000 people fled from their homes, mainly from southern Idleb governorate, moving further north away from the hostilities. Ma’arrat An Nu’man and its countryside are reportedly depopulated, while thousands of people from Saraqab and its eastern countryside fled in anticipation of hostilities extending to their area. 
  • Most of the recently displaced people moved to urban centres and IDP camps in northwestern Idleb. Tens of thousands have reportedly moved to areas such as Afrin and A’zaz in northern Aleppo governorate seeking safety and access to services.
  • An unstable security situation prevails with daily reports of bombardments, affecting civilian infrastructures, such as schools and IDP camps.
  • Displacement during winter is further exacerbating the vulnerability of those affected. Many who fled are in urgent need of humanitarian support, particularly shelter, food, health, non-food and winterization assistance.
  • Hundreds of people have been killed, including tens of children. Hundreds more have been injured with little access to medical care as most hospitals have been bombed.

This project focused on the evacuation of people from the City of Ma’arrat An Nu’man and the surrounding areas to the north of Syria close to the Turkish border.

  • Evacuate the civilians from Ma’arrat An Nu’man Area to the north of Syria.
  • Save thousands of lives through provide transportation and by manpower by KP team.
  • On 16th December, 2019 Kids Paradise (KP) office and warehouses totally destroyed by airstrikes. Please find HERE the link of KP’s destroyed office and warehouses. KP was supporting more than 60,000 people within about 45 camps and villages in Ma’rat An-Nu’man and surrounding areas. Since last May, 2019 thousands of people start moving to the north of Idlib and west of Aleppo near to the Turkish border. Kids Paradise worked immediately on the evacuation of families in order to save their lives from the airstrikes and hostilities.

    We provided transportation, drinkable water and snack for families we evacuated. We assigned a hot line for an urgent response in order to reach any civilian need evacuation immediately. Please find Here the link of post for emergency call. Our team worked hardly all days and nights for 10 days in order to save lives as much as they can. We were able to evacuate 3167 individuals from Mar’arat An Nu’man city and surrounded areas. We tried to focus more about the poorest, female headed households, families headed by children, elderly, sick and injured people. We moved people to the areas they prefer to go and most of them were choosing the areas of north Idlib near to the Turkish border and some chose the north of Aleppo. The machine guns of helicopters were targeting any movement on the main roads like M5 motorway and many others. The war Jets, airstrikes and shelling didn’t leave the Skye or stop. This kind of hostilities and targeting the humanitarian workers made this mission more difficult and risky. Many people were killed on these roads during their fleeing to find more safe areas. Last few days of our working on the evacuation and after the roads targeted by machine guns. The heavy fog lies over the area which was very good condition and was suitable time to evacuate people but still very dangerous to make accidents especially with no lights there. Some women told our field team, they prefer to be killed all by accidents and not one of their children to be killed or injured by bombs. Our brave team has been working tirelessly on the field in Ma’arat An-Nu’man They said goodbye to their families and loved ones last night because they might not come back.

    On 21st of December, 2019, one of our brave team has been targeted by the airstrike. They were with 2 evacuated families in one of our Vans on the way to north of Idlib. Thank Goodness, there were no one got injured.

    United Nations OCHA published the approval of the pause for the following routes moving north from Ma’arat An-Nu’man only for few hours on Tuesday 24thDecember, 2019  until 6pm Syrian time.
    Route 1: M-5 highway from Ma’arat An-Nu’man to Saraqeb. Route 2: The road from Ma’arat An-Nu’man to Ariha.

    Our team decide to have this opportunity and evacuate as much as can of civilians. We made the first trip which reach the safe area in the north early afternoon. The second trip entered Maarat An Nu’man city at 15:00 PM. On 24th of December. After this time, we lost the contact with 10 of our team there. Unfortunately, the ceasefire was unfollowed as usual and both roads were targeted many times and many civilians including children and women were killed. This day was the most difficult day for all us, our brave team went to Ma’arat Anu’man to complete the Semitic mission of save lives of who still blocked there. After 5 hours of waiting, we were counting the seconds which was a very long time of waiting in this kind of situation. After that, we received an unforgotten message say they were safe and they left the destruction city safely. Thank goodness, they came back safely with tens of people most of them children, old women and disables. Our brave team couldn’t leave the city before checking most of the city’s neighborhoods in order to find any more people need help.

  • Despite that, we completely finished the evacuation phase for those people who were under the bombing to safer places, but we still receiving tens of emergency appeals to those who still without any shelter or aid. There are thousands of children, women and elderly still need our help during the icy night and in this harsh winter    

Highest Overall Priority Needs

Challenges and Difficulties

  • Lack of fuel which lead lack of transportation in Ma’arat Alnouman;
  • Targeting of evacuation roads by air machine guns;
  • Most of people do know where to go.
  • Lack of communication and specially the day we lost the contact with part of our team.


  • Rent cars from the north of Idlib to go to the Ma’arat Alnouman for evacuation people.
  • Logistics of KP bought extra diesel to supply all cars with enough diesel in order to save time and response quickly without worrying bout the lack of fuel.
  • KP team used the mountain roads sometimes and moved during the early morning and when fog happened sometimes.
  • KP moved people to more safe areas in the north, some of them to the places they chose and others who don’t know anywhere moved to the collective centers such as mosques and schools in Idlib city and surrounding areas.
  • Provide our team communication tools (WalkieTalkie) in order to reach them on time.
Some of the urgent current needs:

Every winter, camps in Syria are flooded by rains. This year, the number of displaced is greater than ever thanks to the latest offensives


providing Snack,  bread and Water to hundreds of evacuated people.

Be with us to protect the rest!

24-Hour urgent call to ask for help for the newly displaced


Syria Weekly: Syrians organise evacuation of besieged Maarat Al-Numan​


Faces Are Still Alive

Each of these children used different ways to reach north of Idlib areas. They still alive but they left behind of them many of their killed friends and relatives.

This what is happening in Idlib now.
Don’t cry over spilt milk!

Around 50,000 people will move from Ma’ra An-Nu’man and surrounding areas these days.

We are helping to evacuate people from Southern of Idlib to the north.
Be with us!
Help protect them

Some of the urgent current needs:
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