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Why do we make garages for refugees?

About the event

initiatives and organizations in Poznań/Poland

We represent a group of people, initiatives and organizations in Poznań/Poland that carry out actions aimed at material assistance to refugees from various parts of the world affected by war, dictatorships, humanitarian crisis …


Sunday Jun 23, 2019

12 AM – 17 PM


plac wolnosci, Poznan niedziela, 23 czerwca


Why do we make garages for refugees?

In fact, talking about refugees is a shortcut that refers to their current location and possibly status, but we must remember that these are primarily people: WOMEN, MEN and CHILDREN LOCATED IN THE SITUATION OF REFUGEES AND MIGRANTS. There are around 65 million people in the world who have been forced to leave their homes. Each of these people has individual history and individual suffering. The refugee becomes regardless of age and gender, although more than half are children.

Everyone is committed to one goal – to help those who flee from war and persecution.


we believe that it is necessary to “expand our understanding of how war is conducted – it will allow us to understand that the regulation of the field of visibility and audibility is intended to maintain an apparent public consensus, thanks to which it is possible to wage war without the risk of coup d’état”.

Judith Butler