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Fundraise for Children

There are endless ways that you can raise funds to support children in desperate need. Whether it’s an athletic challenge, a special occasion, or your own unique creation, you can make a big difference in a child’s life…and have a great time doing it.

Thank you for your fundraising support for KP during this exciting time.


Create Your Own Fundraiser

Do it Your Way

Donate Your Birthday

The fun starts here. Do what you love, and chances are your fundraiser will be a huge success. Maybe you’ve got a secret talent for baking, can rock an electric guitar or are a long-distance cyclist. Whatever you love to do, the goal is to have fun and fundraise for Helping Kids!

  • $200 raised can help provide ready-to-use food to help save malnourished children
  • $300 raised can help provide healthcare essentials to a school clinic serving hundreds of children
  • $500 raised can provide a bookcase full of children’s books to help children learn to read
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