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I am Abdulaziz

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I want to be an engineer so to build houses. I love photography, basketball
and karate.
I came to Turkey when I was 2-year-old. Now I am 8 yearsI do not remember anything from Syria. I have 2 brothers, Yazan and Nadim.’ Abdulaziz says.

Yazan, 12-year-old, does not remember much events from the life he spent in Syria but still remembers when he was joining his father to bring bread in the morning. However, his father and mother got separated after they came to Turkey; and the children currently live with their mom in Turkey’s Antakya.

Yazan is learning Turkish and enjoys Istanbulian accent as he prefers Istanbul and thinks people are more kind in Istanbul.

‘I do not like living in Antakya but my relatives and mom live here. People in Istanbul are more kind. I have loved Istanbul when I visited it with my family; I also love Istanbulnian accent, I wish to live there.’ Yazan says.

‘I always loved to play football; I dream to be a footballer.  I also love Swimming. ‘ Yazan adds.

Nadim, 14-year-old, used to play football in Syria with his cousin. He loves drawing and wishes to have a bicycle.

The three children came from Syria’s Aleppo and had arrived in Turkey’s Antakya couple of years ago. They love football and wish to be professional footballers.

Interviewed by & photos credit: Sami Karaali