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We’re always on the look-out for skilled individuals who want to serve. Come and join us in a short-term mission. If you are a group or an individual with special skills you can come join us for up to 2 weeks. Just fill out the project form with your idea and action plan. Projects may include but are not limited to: recreational activities (sports tournaments, music camps, English Language camps, eye testing, Sewing workshops, PTSD therapy workshops, art workshops, theatre camps, IT, film etc.)


Selected volunteer projects will be invited for Skype interviews to discuss more about the project. – After selection, volunteers will work closely with KP staff in order to prepare the implementation of the project in partnership.


Volunteers are expected to raise the funds for the implementation of their project, including travel to and from Turkey. KP may cover remaining funding gaps on a case-by-case basis.

Kids Paradise Project Volunteer Proposal Form

Important notice: this is the form to submit a proposal for a short-term project (2 to 6 weeks) to be implemented by you with Kids Paradise. You can submit proposals either as a small group or as an individual.

Two steps are necessary to submit a proposal:

  • Please answer all the questions by filling out the appropriate boxes, as indicated in the italic text above each of them, and save the file under the format “YY-MM-DD GroupName”.
  • Send the proposal form to

Proposals will be considered on a rolling basis. Shortlisted applicants will be invited for an interview via Skype for the second stage of the selection procedure. The final form of the project will be subject to a written agreement.


  • Please don't add characters

  • Please note: this is merely a first draft of your project for starting the selection procedure. We can coin out further details later. The final version of your project will be subject to talks with our staff and ultimately to a written agreement between KP and you.
  • Please summarise your project with a maximum of 100 words
  • Please define with a maximum of 100 words the objectives and the expected results of your projects, both with regard to the immediate outputs and the impact you hope to make
  • Please describe with a maximum of 100 words the target group of your project, especially with regard to the three age groups (6-14, 15-25 and older) and the number of beneficiaries
  • Please describe in all necessary details but within a maximum of 400 words the activities you wish to propose during this summer and possibly in follow-up in your home country
  • Please make a first estimation how many volunteers and staff members are necessary to implement your project and please specify how many of them are already part of your group
  • Please tell us about your plans to raise the necessary funds for the implementation of this project. KP is going to provide basic accommodation and food to you and your group, but the goal is that you are funding the activities of your project yourself. You may include your travel costs into the fundraising campaign, but all exceeding funds should be dedicated to the refugees we serve through the on-going programme lines of KP. This will be part of our written agreement prior to your arrival KP may fill remaining funding gaps on a case-by-case basis.
  • Please note: we do not require volunteers to have extensive prior experience. This information is to gauge the strengths of each volunteer or group and to facilitate our selection procedure. Please answer these questions with no more than 100 words each.
  • Thank you for taking the time to fill out this project proposal form.