act for idlib

We are still evacuating people from the death line to our new established camp in the north of Idlib.
It’s very dangerous period for those people.
We need you all to pray and stand with us.

100  $ To evacuate one family from the death line to more safe area.
 200 $ Provide tent for 5 persons.
25 $ to provide Syrian fresh bread bundles to one family for one month.

Heaters of wood are making children’s life warm in this freezing weather.

Our team distributed wooden’s heaters with Wood portions for 80 families in the IDP camps of Idlib.



Your generous support keep us provide more!

Act for Idlib

$1,030 of $5,000 raised
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Donation Total: $10.00

Where is the path taking us?…
In the past 72 hours, attacks by airstrike have forced 50,000+ people to flee the towns of Ariha, Saraqeb, and Maarat al-Numan. The trucks are heading north to overcrowded areas near the Syrian-Turkish border which remains firmly shut.

Challenges and Difficulties

  • Lack of fuel which lead lack of transportation in Ma’arat Alnouman;
  • Targeting of evacuation roads by air machine guns;
  • Most of people do know where to go.
  • Lack of communication and specially the day we lost the contact with part of our team.


  • Rent cars from the north of Idlib to go to the Ma’arat Alnouman for evacuation people.
  • Logistics of KP bought extra diesel to supply all cars with enough diesel in order to save time and response quickly without worrying bout the lack of fuel.
  • KP team used the mountain roads sometimes and moved during the early morning and when fog happened sometimes.
  • KP moved people to more safe areas in the north, some of them to the places they chose and others who don’t know anywhere moved to the collective centers such as mosques and schools in Idlib city and surrounding areas.
  • Provide our team communication tools (WalkieTalkie) in order to reach them on time.

Evacuation of Maarat al-Numan

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