KP is an impartial, independent and non-profit NGO.

Through our projects, we strive to empower Syrians, especially children, whose lives and dreams have been shattered by war.

We meet people where they are and work to transform the lost dreams destroyed by war into a real and sustainable future.

About Us

Originally founded by a group of Syrian volunteers in March of 2012, KP has since grown to become an officially registered NGO in Turkey. Our headquarters are based out of ANKARA-Turkey with many warehouses and satellite branches throughout Syria and Turkey. Through our work we strive to reclaim dreams and rebuild the lives that have been stolen away by war.


A world where children and their families can imagine a life beyond volatile and unstable conditions and thrive into the future


To reclaim dreams and rebuild lives through empowering families, and encouraging youth innovation


We aim to teach people not just to survive but to thrive.

Helping children to imagine a life beyond conflict and thrive into the future.

Being there whenever and wherever people need it most.

Be a powerful voice.

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