The displacement crisis is a disaster for countless disasters that have not begun yet!

May 10, 2019 in Syria

Thousands and thousands was forced year after year to leave their houses, neighborhoods and memories and with tears and broken hearts, they found in the #IDLIB, a new beginning and a welcoming heart.

IDLIB has a title in the Syrian dialect, it is ” The Green IDLIB”. Some say it is because the area is full of green lands and some say it is because olives are famously planted there.

We want it to be “The Green IDLIB”
For its people and the thousands who is hoping for it to be their new home.



Taken by Ahmad Alahmad  May 10, 2019 in Syria


We are following with great concern the intensifying hostilities in the de-escalation area of north west of Syria. The continuous of aerial attacks on population centers and civilian infrastructure resulting till now hundreds of civilian dead and injured and over 179,000 newly IDPs. Many health facilities and schools were hit by airstrikes. Most of schools in many areas have been closed until further notice.

KP team is still working hardly to evacuate as many as possible of people from the frontlines of shelling and bombardments in the north of Hama and south of Idleb to the safer areas next to the Turkish border. Since the beginning of this week, we evacuated hundreds of people with their possessions of animals and furniture. We heard scary and terrifying stories from the evacuated people telling about the insane bombardment of their families and possessions.


JUST IN SYRIA more than 110 thousands IDPs in 9 days ONLY
Do you believe that?

Distribution of ready-to-eat meals for more than 2,500 people, displaced outside their villages

Hope won’t be lost, Idlib’s olives protect me, patience will grant me your fruits one day.

لن يضيع الأمل وزيتون إدلب يحميني، الصبر سيمنحني ثمارك يوما


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