I’m Nur

I’m Nur

December 9, 2018 in Light on Future

I remember my dad was holding me in his arms while carrying bags on his back on the road coming to Turkey

I love cats; I want to take care of all cats, however, I fear lizards and mouse, Nur, a 6-year-old boy says.

Nur, who is an energetic, talkative and smart boy, has 2 brothers Omar, 12 years and Rayyan, 10 years; He loves to be a teacher.

I love chemistry; I love to see when colours like blue and yellow mixed with each other in the lab, Nur says.

I managed to make friends easily in Turkey but I like to meet my grandmother who lives in Lebanon.

Nur attends an academic centre for children in Turkey’s Antakya to learn different skills and educational subjects.

He has many friends at the Center of different ages.


“We came to Turkey somehow 8 months ago to treat my sister who was injured in her knee by jets’ shelling. My sister just has had an operation in her knee” Zahra, a 12-year-old girl from Idlib Maarret al-Numaan who also attends the academic centre says.


“I hate jets; I love to be a doctor so to treat people,” Zahara adds.

Zahra still remembers her Arabic classes and teacher in Syria and also when she used to play with her friends hide and seek.


Nur and his friends at the academic centre for children in Antakya have a lot to tell and show. They loved to expose their stories and be heard. Some of them remember their life in Syria and some of them do not remember. However, all of these children look forward to a better future despite the harsh circumstances they live.


Interviewed by & photos credit: Sami Karaali 



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