I am Raghda

I am Raghda

December 9, 2018 in Light on Future

I fear needles but I want to be a dentist


I have a problem with my teeth; 2 of teeth are absent so I want to be a dentist. Maybe I can be a paediatrician, Raghda an 11,5-year-old girl from Syria’s Latakia says.

Raghda came to Turkey with her family in 2016. It was easier to play in Syria; I cannot play outside in Turkey, Raghda adds.


Raghda has 2 brothers of the same age, Muhammed and Sayed.

Raghda, Sayed and Muhammed


Muhammed and Sayed in Syria

I still remember going to our farm and playing in the snow, Raghda’s brother Muhammed says.

I want to be an eye doctor because I had an operation to my eyes. In Syria, I had glaucoma so I made an operation to my eyes and put glasses. After I came to Turkey I again had an operation to my eyes and replaced glasses with the lens. I’d love to have a car so to travel to Istanbul, Muhammed adds.

I remember our dog who was poisoned by our neighbour, Raghda’s brother Sayed says.

One time, we were sleeping and then I woke up and wanted to drink. I went outside and met with a dog. The dog came toward home and we put him milk. Then, the dog was visiting us every day. We bathed him and took care of him. One time, the dog wanted to help me when my friend pushed me. One day, we woke up finding the dog dead. We buried him; it was sad for me, Sayed says.

I also remember the day when my sister Raghda was sleeping and a jet hit near our home; The windows were broken but luckily we weren’t injured, Sayed adds.

Sayed fears nothing but darkness and he’d love to be an engineer. He also likes to have his own car, dog and cat.

‘I do not always feel comfortable to play in Turkey. I love to play in the open as I used to play in Syria.” Sayed said.

Interviewed by and photos credit: Sami Karaali 




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