I am Nimr

I am Nimr

December 6, 2018 in Light on Future

Nimr, 6 years, is an orphan who lives in Syria’s Idlib

He lost his parents when eastern Aleppo was under shelling. Nimr has a sister, Rana, and a brother, Zain.

The mother was killed in the neighbourhood of Aleppo’s Firdos by barrel bombs while the father was killed in Aleppo’s Sakhour neighbourhood as it was hit by regime’s rockets.

As a result, the three children have been forced to be displaced and move to live in an orphanage for children in Idlib’s Sarmada town.

Nimr now is studying in the first grade while Zain, the eldest, 13-year-old, and Rana, 10-year-old, are studying in the third grade. Zain was forced to stop school for 3 years while he was in Aleppo.

Despite losing their parents and being forcibly displaced from their home, Nimr, Rana and Zain challenge their harsh circumstances and dire life by attending a school which might be a hope to help them build a better future.


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