I am Omar

I am Omar

November 27, 2018 in Light on Future

I still remember when I was playing with my friends in the garden near our home in Syria

My dad died in 2015 in the war. I feel afraid of shelling. I do not remember a lot form Syria as I was very young when I came from Aleppo to Turkey, Omar, a 10-year-old boy, says.

Omar lives now with his mom, a brother and a sister in Turkey’s Antakya. He attends school at the 4th grade.

Now, I’m learning the Turkish language. Last year, I visited Istanbul and I loved it; it is a beautiful city indeed, Omar says.

I love football, shopping, travelling and video games, he adds.

‘After his dad died, I feel more responsible to take care of Omar, his brother and sister.’ The mother says.

Omar does not know yet what he will be in future but he seems interested in technology. The fact that he is able to go school makes his mother feel that it will help him to determine his way in life.


Interviewed by & Photos credit: Sami Karaali 



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