Idlib-Hama IDPs winter aid campaign blankets

Idlib-Hama IDPs winter aid campaign blankets

January 5, 2018 in Syria

245,000+ people gathered their valuables, fleeing their homes, and leaving behind a lifetime of memories, to now live in a camp.







Well, a sort of a camp. Built on unpaved land with tents made out of unconventional,

non-waterproof materials. And with no fuel or firewood to protect their children from the icy weather.

What’s even more shocking, that they had to pay for the land, and build their own tents.

The camps are cramped to the point that 5 or more families share one tent.

This new displacement crisis in #Idlib is overwhelming and the national and international aid interventions are far from meeting the immense need of the families who are still fleeing many hot conflict zones in north #Syria.












We started with blankets so at least some of the families won’t have to sleep cold tonight. But our hope is to be able to do more for more families very soon.

Project Name: Winter Aid for Idlib -Hama IDPs – 1

Location: Rural Idlib

Impact: 1,000 Blankets / 250 Food basket/ 500 Families


Project Name: Winter Aid for Idlib-Hama IDPs – 2

Location: Rural Hama

Impact: 1,500 Blankets/ 375 families


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